Thursday, March 20, 2008

and leading off...

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If you feel like a trip down memory lane, the Trib has all the Pirate's Opening Day Lineups since 1900 and the odd factoid.

I'm sure you remember Omar Morena, Frank Taveras, Rennie Stennett and Mateo Alou at the top of the order, but did you recall that the up and coming Barry Bonds batted leadoff for three consecutive seasons for Jim Leyland? Catcher Jason Kendall hit first for us back-to-back years, too.

Take a peek. Plenty of the names will ring a long unused bell and maybe shake a cobweb or two out of your mind. There's also a couple of opening day tidbits that might stir your interest. And you can play Pittsburgh's favorite guessing game - what will the 2008 lineup look like? We'll throw our two cents worth in on our next post.

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