Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deadline Day...

Zach Duke got rocked, and the Pirates, undermanned to the max, couldn't climb out the 6-0 hole he left them in, though they made yet another valiant effort. Pittsburgh lost, 7-4. Ho hum, old news.

But we're setting the alarm early to see what becomes of the late night speculation that Jay Bay, John Grabow, and maybe Jack Splat are key pieces, in some yet undetermined combination, of a blockbuster deal with the BoSox and Fish.

Stuff it, Rays. Go boo-hoo with the Mets for awhile. And Dejan can stay up; GW has to go to work in the early morning.

We have to admit that the rumors have been much juicier and certainly more mind-blowing this year under Huntington than they ever were during the Littlefield/McClatchy years.

And hey, if they land a couple more prospects and sign Pedro and Tanner, maybe that 2010 window might still be slightly ajar. But at least, it looks like there will be a future now.

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