Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Morning After...

OK, we know everybody is about up to here with Pedro stuff, deadlines, hearings, options, yada, yada.

And if it's over $200K for a contract already drawn up for a guaranteed $6M, Scott Boras has way more ego than smarts -and he's a very smart man - and Pedro didn't get a very good education at Vanderbilt, to pass up a possible chance to get into free agency a year quicker than he now will and burn his goodwill.

We think something deeper is going on than just an arbitration over a contract for nothing more than bragging rights. And we will be the first to admit, except for the possibility of some unknown physical problem or Boras' first assault on the player draft as it now is, we have no idea what the ultimate game may be.

Now ego is a powerful motivator, for both Boras and Alvarez. The uber-agent has a rep to uphold, and nobody knows how many people have whispered in the kid's ear that he's the best ballplayer drafted and should have gotten the biggest slice of pie. It could be as simple as that.

But it seems to be a high-risk gamble if it's all about saving face. So we'll be watching very closely to see if it's a pure old-fashioned money grab or something more. Your thoughts?

(Here is's version Bucs, Boras Battle over Alvarez)


Big Snack said...

My personal opinion is that this IS all about ego...

Boras didn't say anything about Hosmer's contract, which evidently was agreed to AFTER PA's. This has to be Boras posturing for something, whether it be a better contract for Pedro or, and this is something I think is far more likely, he's trying to show the whole process isn't fair for players.

Imagine that - an agent is mad because the teams have a little bit of leverage, especially in the case of lower budget teams. Isn't enough that there's no salary cap and salaries and contracts are soaring? Apparently he feels the need to try and screw with us, which further marginalizes the ability of small market teams to compete.

I mean honestly, if this is all about money, all Pedro needs to do is prove himself worthy - the money will come. There's no need to try and villainize the team that took a shot on your player (who still hasn't taken a physical mind you - which may have a lot to do with this).

If I were the MLB Players Assoc., I'd get Boras' agent license revoked, and never let him manage another player, but of course that won't happen; jagoffs like him make the players too much money to ever do something ethical and moral like that.

WilliamJPellas said...

My thoughts? My thoughts are, "SCREW THESE TWO PRIMA DONNA JERKOFFS", that's what my thoughts are. I realize I may be destroying peoples' perceptions of me---I am, after all, the Green Weenie's Columnist At Large!---but I have had it with these two, in spades.

This entire episode is completely beyond the pale, I don't care how they spin it as some kind of principled negotiating stand or some kind of collective bargaining statement. Baloney! This is about dysfunctional ego and greed, and nothing else.

I mean, at some point this all becomes obscene. We are talking about big business when we talk about baseball, yes, that is so. But we're also talking about a game, a pastime, something that is in the end, entertainment. Yes, movie stars make huge jack, too. I get that. But there's something unseemly and more than a little profane about this kind of publicly grandstanding greed. I for one have had it. Enough is enough. If these two fell under a bus tomorrow, I'd say "THE WORLD IS NOW A BETTER PLACE".


Big Snack said...

couldn't agree more will, couldn't agree more...

Something's gotta give, as this cannot be good for baseball. Someone needs to stand up to Boras and tell him to shut his mouth and do everything the way other agents do - you know, negotiating as opposed to threatening.

I'm glad our boys at the top aren't giving in to him. And if by some miracle he wins his arbitration case, I say forget Pedro, let him go back to college and make less money elsewhere next year.

Actually, I have a better idea - let him go till next year, and use the compensatory pick to get him again. Except offer him 4 million. He'll have no other option but to sign it,and it will further damage Boras.

Yes, this has become personal for me, and a lot of other Bucco fans - we finally had reason to be happy and this idiot decides he didn't get enough money for his client. That's your fault Boras, not ours, and no amount of complaining and whining will get you out of this.

Good luck negotiating in good faith with teams now buddy - I'm sure every team but the Red Sox and Yanks are not happy with your decision to make life miserable for smaller market clubs.

In closing, if we EVER draft another Boras client I'll go slap NH and the rest of his crew myself...

WilliamJPellas said...

AMEN, BROTHER, AMEN. Especially the part where we never draft another Boras client again, on pain of death.

Ron Ieraci said...

So we lean towards the greed and seller's remorse theory, Snack and Will? Maybe - I just read that Boras wanted $12M; that's quite a drop.

WilliamJPellas said...

Who cares WHAT "Boras wanted"? The guy is a cancer. Screw him. Mind you, I'm sure you're right: his wittle ego is thweatened because hims didn't get the biggest contract (and biggest commission, oops, did I say that?) in the universe for his client. Good grief a-mighty, I am SO SICK OF THIS GUY.