Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And Here They All Come...

Four relievers joined the Bucs today as the Indy auditions begin. RHPs Craig Hansen, T.J. Beam, Marino Salas and Romulo Sanchez will join the Pirates' bullpen, while Ross Ohlendorf will join the Pittsburgh rotation.

Jimmy Barthmaier will get the month off before reporting to Arizona in October, and Ty Taubenheim was lopped from the 40-man to clear space for INF Luis Cruz.

As Dejan speculates, and it makes perfect sense, the Pirates are plugging him in at SS to see if they have an in-house option if Jack Splat gets moved during the off-season. The only other touted SS in the system old enough to shave is Brian Friday, and he's at Class A Lynchburg. They've already seen enough of Brian Bixler.

Wilson is expected to miss the Red's series with a bruised and cut finger, giving Cruz a perfect opening.

The Pirates recalled two catchers, Robinzon Diaz and Ronny Paulino, INF Bixler, and RF Steve Pearce. 35 members of their 40 man roster will suit up tonight.

Conspicuously absent were RHP JVB and 3B Neil Walker. And Marino Salas? Even the zombies in "The Night of the Living Dead" didn't rise from the grave as often as he has. Where's that stake...?

(Indianapolis has an article filled with the Tenderfoot Ten's exploits at 10 Tribe Players Promoted...)

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