Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mercy, Mercy Me

Gorzo boogies to finger-poppin' time, Denny Bautista continues to imitate Tyler Yates, and the Bucs keep losin', 7-4 this time. The team has dropped 16 of its last 19 games, and five in a row.

Gorzelanny may be out for the final couple weeks of the season, as he left last night's game with "irritation" of his finger, and will be examined tomorrow in Pittsburgh. He heard a pop, and if it's a ligament, he's done for the year.

As for Bautista, he's has allowed 16 runs in 10 1/3 innings since August 22nd.

> Freddie Sanchez said his vision has improved over the last 24 hours, but he'll sit until he's checked out by his optometrist on Friday, when Pittsburgh returns.

> Steve Pearce's first home run ball, hit Tuesday night, will have quite a story to tell when it finally reaches his mantel. First, he lucked out when an Astro fan gave his blast the Wrigley treatment and threw it back on the field. Unfortunately, the foul ball person got the baseball and tossed it to a fan by third base.

After working out a trade with him, the Buc bench performed the traditional ol' fake toss into the stands scam. Pearce has probably hired a guard to watch his prized horsehide until he can get it home.

> Young Bucs are breakin' out the sunscreen all over the system, as the Pirates announced their winter league assignments.

Playing winter ball in Mexico will be OF Steve Pearce, OF Nyjer Morgan, RHP John Van Benschoten and LHP Dave Davidson. OF Chris Duffy is also a possibility to join them.

Heading to the Dominican Republic will be RHP Jesse Chavez and C Ronny Paulino.

The Pirates are sending seven youngsters to the Hawaiian Winter League. The list includes IF Jim Negrych, SS Brian Friday, OF Miles Durham, LHP Kyle Bloom, RHP Eric Krebs, RHP Harrison Bishop and RHP Moises Robles.

Already announced as going to the the Scottsdale Scorpions of the Arizona League are RHP Jimmy Barthmaier, RHP Jared Hughes, RHP Jeff Sues, RHP Michael Crotta, C Steve Lerud and 2B Shelby Ford, with an OF yet to be determined. (We'd hold out for Hawaii ourselves).

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