Saturday, November 8, 2008

They're Walkin'...

OK, out of sheer boredom and utter lack of inspiration, here's the Pirate guys that were declared minor league free agents yesterday:

AAA Indy: RHP Adam Bernero, RHP Ryan Drese, RHP Marino Salas, RHP Mike Thompson, RHP John Van Benschoten, RHP Franquelis Osoria (November 6), LHP Corey Hamman, C Carlos Maldonado, 2B Matt Kata, IF Luis Ordaz, OF Jorge Cortes, OF Chris Duffy.

AA Altoona: RHP Blair Johnson, RHP Juan Mateo, RHP Dan Reichert, LHP Juan Perez, 2B Melvin Dorta, 3B: Jason Bowers, OF Jonel Pacheco, OF Anthony Webster.

A+ Lynchburg: RHP Jean Garavito, LHP Brian Holliday, LHP Josh Shortslef, C Milver Reyes.

A- Hickory/West Virginia: LHP Wanell Macia, 1B Josh Bonifay.

SS State College: C Steven Suarez.

A quick look tells you that there were a heckuva lot of organizational depth players in the Pirate minors along with the wash-outs.

Indy has eight players and one coach left, though there will be a small horde of guys now on the 40-man that will eventually be sent back down. We think the suits may try to sign Hamman, Mateo, Holliday, Shortslef and maybe JVB, Salas & Pacheco; the rest depend on where the suits & scouts see the Pirate pups starting out in 2009.

It should be interesting. At least Indy will get a long overdue make-over, we can only hope.

And here's the list of ex-Pirate properties that are free to deal: Tike Redman, Josh Wilson, Mark Redman, J.R. House, Josh Phelps (signed by Giants), Jorge Velandia, Chris Shelton, Don Kelly, Mike Burns, Franklyn German, Scott Sauerbeck, Brad Eldred, Rob Mackowiak, Wil Cordero, Humberto Cota, Matt Peterson, Nelson Figueroa, Brian Rogers, Abraham Nunez, Victor Zambrano, John Wasdin, Josh Sharpless, Craig Wilson, Jonah Bayliss, Pokey Reese, Yurendell De Caster, and Ray Olmedo.

A real trip down memory lane, hey?

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