Monday, May 4, 2009

The Beat Goes On

Hey, it's no hex. The Brewers beat the Pirates for the 16th straight time, 7-4, after being behind twice in the last two innings.

Why? The Brew Crew hits better, pitches better, and makes the plays they have to. Pittsburgh doesn't, and that's that.

The Pirates were one for eight with runners in scoring position, and stranded a runner at third with no outs. The Brewers hit a three-run homer.

The Pirates bullpen could have slammed the door on Milwaukee; instead they gave up five runs on five hits and two walks. The Brewers closer threw 17 pitches, gave up a groung ball single, and collected high-fives.

The Pirates could have turned a double play in the first; they didn't and it cost them a run. The Pirates could have caught a fly in the eighth; they didn't, and it cost them two more runs. The Brewers bounced off the wall three times after balls; they caught one, and saved a run.

Oh, well. Now the Bucs are in a gray area where they could watch the season get away from them if they're not mentally tough. They've lost 6-of-7 and have their Milwaukee nemesis on tap again tomorrow night. We'll see what the guys are made of.

-- The LaRoche bros ended up 1-for-8, but they were centering the ball tonight. Adam took one to the wall and another to the warning track, and Andy hit his first homer high off the foul pole and lined out twice.

-- Jason Jaramillo gave the Pirates the lead in the eighth with a two-out, two-strike RBI double.

-- Maholm pitched great after a couple of sub-par outings. He went 7-1/3, and gave up two runs on 6 hits with a walk and 6 K's. He also made a highlight reel play, doing a 360 to throw out a runner.

-- The Pirates have been working Derwyn Young at second and the outfield; after he absorbs those lessons, they'll work him out at third. His bat has been solid since he's been here; maybe he'll get a shot in right sooner or later and eventually work his way into some at-bats around the infield.

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