Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AL Makes It Thirteen Straight

Hey, it was a pretty nice pitching match-up, and it should have been - eleven of the sixteen pitchers that got in the game were closers, and they strutted their stuff pretty well in the 4-3 AL All-Star win, the fourth consecutive one-run victory for the junior circuit.

The game hinged on two late-inning catches, one that was made and one that wasn't. In the seventh, Brad Hawpe launched one that Carl Crawford pulled in from just over the fence, saving a run. The grab earned him the MVP honors for the night.

And in the eighth, Justin Upton, who was making his first MLB appearance in LF, took a bad route, turned himself around, and ended up too close to the wall when the ball hopped off it, playing speedster Curtis Granderson's long fly into a triple that became the winning run.

Freddy Sanchez and Zach Duke never left the pine, as 26 of the 33 NL All-Stars made the scorecard.

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