Monday, July 13, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...

When is it all going to end? Hey, never. The new Pirate suits are wheeler-dealers from the get-go. It's in their blood, and don’t doubt that they’ll dispose of whomever they don’t control for the next three years or more, in perpetuity.

The pity is that they didn’t make up their minds sooner. Guys like Jack Wilson of the ungodly contract and Adam LaRoche of the silent bat may have gotten a nibble at the last trade deadline or during the past off-season. Now the team will be lucky to get a Snickers Bar for either one.

LaRoche is just too streaky at the plate to sign again for the money he earns. Wilson, well, he’s a straight-out salary dump. Management had chances to get something for him in the past, overplayed their hand, and that’s all she wrote.

Freddy Sanchez is on the list. They’ll be dealing him to someone who can get a year-and-a-half of playing time from him, and so the Pirates should be able to get something in return. It’s the perfect situation for the Pirate brass to make a move: Freddy is an All-Star caliber player that they can sell high, who has a contract they don’t want and only a year to go before his walk season.

And that’s why we don’t have much trouble with them breaking up the team. They sold high on Jay Bay and Xavier Nady, giving the BoSox and Yankees a season plus of play. Same with Atlanta and Nate McLouth, except that he’s locked up even longer.

Now you can question the return; whether the talent evaluators hit the mark or not is a determination that will unfold over time. But the system is sensible. Heck, they even sold Nyjer Morgan, 29 years-old, and Sean Burnett high, depending on Lasting Milledge’s future performance.

And you can bet a couple of pitchers will join the ranks. John Grabow is good as gone, Ian Snell can be had for a cracked maple bat, and we understand Matt Capps and Paul Maholm are there for the taking.

Hey, the only untouchables to us are Zach Duke, Andrew McCutchen, and Pedro Alvarez. And we’re not sure the Pirates like Duke as much as GW does.

So get used to it. It’s the way the Oakland A’s have operated for years, and it’s the way the Nutting gang is going to run the franchise. Pittsburgh will become a launching pad for MLB careers, and its players here today and gone tomorrow. Actually, just like now.

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