Friday, August 7, 2009

One More Time...

Ya know, we're just reiterating another Pirate loss; they do it the same way every night. Flash to the seventh inning, when they're up 4-3.

Paul Maholm got the first two batters out on three pitches. Then he walked Julio Lugo on four straight fastballs. Khalil Greene, he of the Mendoza line, lasers a double into right to bring him in.

In the bottom half, the Bucs have runners on first and second, one out, and Garrett Jones and Delwyn Young, the four-five hitters, up. The runners never moved.

In the eighth, six different Pirate mistakes cost the go-ahead run. Matt Holliday bled a ball towards third, a tough play but one that Andy LaRoche has made dozens of times this year. But this time, he has trouble getting the ball from glove to hand, and Holliday beats out the infield hit. Mistake #1.

Then Holliday takes off for second. Ryan Doumit's throw was shoulder high, and Young tried to snatch it and apply a quick tag. It went off his glove instead into shallow right center. Mistakes two and three.

Mistakes four and five - Andrew McCutchen and Jones spectated on the play instead of backing up, and when the ball squirted free, the lackadaisical pair belatedly charged after it. Then they both stopped, assuming the other had the ball. So in spite of Young falling on top of Holliday, he still managed to get up and rumble into third.

The last mistake was Mr. Jones'. The next batter hit a fly to shallow right, and he airmailed the short toss over Doumit's head. Quite a welcome to Pittsburgh for Jose Ascanio.

The insurance run scored the tried-and-true National League way; leadoff double, sac bunt, sac fly. Cards win, 6-4.

Hey, GW thinks Tony LaRussa is a pompous excuse for a manager, not that he cares. But ya know what? His teams play clean games, move runners, catch the ball, and get ahead in the count. It's a rarity when they beat themselves.

Maybe it's a model the young Pirates should take after.

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