Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Test Your Pirate Knowledge

Hey, it's a late game tonight. Why not pass the time playing a little Pirate trivia?

1) The Pirates' reaction to a bunt sign:

a) A bunt? What's a bunt?
b) You're joking, right? I'm paid to hit the ball, dude.
c) You mean between the foul lines?
d) They don't have to do this in the American League.

2) When JR calls to the bullpen:

a) They start singing "Won't you come home, John Grabow...?"
b) Me? He wants ME?
c) Everyone in the opposing dugout grabs a bat and raises their hand - even the ballboy.
d) Has anyone seen my Prozac?

3) With runners on, what goes through a Pirate hitter's mind:

a) Better take a couple of pitches.
b) I hope he throws that slider in the dirt. I'll clobber it.
c) What exactly is an RBI, again?
d) Clutch, clutch...dang!

4) A Pirate stolen base is:

a) Something Nyjer Morgan used to get.
b) Something Andrew McCutchen will get once he figures out that darn slide step thingie.
c) Isn't stealing illegal?
d) Why steal when you can bunt?

5) Bases loaded, two outs, one run down in the ninth. The batter you want up is:

a) Nate McLouth
b) Freddy Sanchez
c) Jason Bay
d) Ah, anyone left will do.

6) Neal Huntington's next deal for prospects:

a) Pirates trade PNC Park for Rooney Field, Wolvarena, and Bud Hammer Field
b) Pirates trade the Parrot for the Temple Owl and Big Bird
c) Pirates trade the Allegheny River for Conneaut Lake, Saw Mill Run, and Pine Creek
d) Pirates trade Bob Nutting for Little Richie Rich and Little Orphan Annie

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