Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Reading List

OK, the missus is out spending the family fortune on Black Friday blue-light specials, and you're home with the remote. After the back-yard brawl, here's a list of posts to keep your baseball jones up to date on the Pirate future (which is all we fans have to hang our hat on this holiday):

-- Dejan Kovacevic of the Post Gazette has some potential movin' and groovin' by the Bucs in today's article "Pirates Winter Plan..." - just don't block anyone.

-- Tim Marchman of Sports Illustrated's Inside Baseball has a article on the hot stove chances of the Bucs "The Pittsburgh Pirates Are One Team That Can Get Better- On A Budget - This Winter."

-- Jen Langosch of offers "Pirates Building Talent Base."

She also has a piece on the new Dominican academy, and how it's using Thanksgiving as a cultural lesson for its players.

-- Marc Hulet of Fangraphs chips in with a review of the Pirates drafts, emphasis on 2009 but going back to 2007.

-- Tim Williams of Bucco Fans put together his list of the Top 50 Bucco prospects and their projections.

-- Scouting Book has a list of 2009's Top Fourteen Pirate pups.

-- Eric Mack of CBS Sports has his Top Five list, along with last season hot prospects.

-- John Perrotto of Baseball America has his Top Ten Prospects and other sundry awards and projections.

-- Andrew McCutchen added another feather to his cap, winning a spot on the Topps MLB All-Rookie team. Now he'll have a little trophy engraved on his trading card next season. The only other Bucco to get a nod at any level was Rudy Owens, who was named to Topps Class A All Stars. Do they even get cards?

-- And, of course, Green Weenie has its' own take on the Top Twenty Five and the dozen fermenting underneath.

-- Finally, Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseball reminds Bucco fans of something to be thankful for; the seventh game win against Baltimore in 1979, with a bushel of vignettes.

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