Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doumit Done?

-- A little more on the Bucco bid to land JJ Hardy, from Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports: "The Brewers did not want Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit for shortstop J.J. Hardy. They also did not want another player the Pirates suggested, right-handed reliever Matt Capps.

No, the Brewers' preference from the Pirates, according to a major-league source, was one of two left-handed starters, Zach Duke or Paul Maholm. The Pirates said no."

Doumit for Hardy? Guess he is on the market. The Fox duo speculates that the Giants, Mariners, and Rays could use a player like Doumit, but caution that they're not aware of any interest or even conversation regarding him so far.

He does have a club-friendly contract for the next two years, with team options for 2012-12, and had a slugging percentage of .501 and OPS of .858 as recently as 2008. Doumit can also play a corner outfield spot or first; he's not necessarily anchored behind the dish.

Maybe the Bucs just got tired of the injuries and his little pout attack. After all, they didn't really miss him when he was out with his broken wrist, though it does seem they're trying to move him at a low value point of his career.

Anyone got any good deals in mind for Doumit?

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