Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

-- Not only do guys in the show get to become free agents, but six-year minor league vets get to check out the market, too. And according to Baseball America, the Buccos have a boatload:

RHP: Jason Davis (AAA), Eric Hacker (AAA), Lincoln Holdzkom (AA), Jorge Julio (AAA), Juan Mateo (AAA), Scott Nestor (AA), Jeremy Powell (AAA), Dionis Rodriguez (Lo A), Ty Taubenheim (AAA), Virgil Vasquez (AAA)
LHP: Corey Hamman (AAA), Bobby Livingston (AAA)
C: Hector Gimenez (AAA), Steven Lerud (AA), Miguel Perez (AA), Milver Reyes (AA), Steven Suarez (Hi A)
1B: Tagg Bozied (AAA), Larry Broadway (AAA), Brian Myrow (AAA)
2B: Josh Bonifay (Hi A), Ray Chang (AA)
3B: Angel Gonzalez (AA)
SS: Chris Barnwell (AAA), Pedro Lopez (AAA)
OF: Victor Igsema (DSL), Jonel Pacheco (AA), Jamie Romak (Hi A)

There are a handful they'd like to keep in the system, but it doesn't look like there's a Garrett Jones lurking in the bunch. You may also notice that 15 of the organizational soldiers are from Indy, where the suits have had to stock up with gray hairs until the pups rise through the system.

-- The Pirates have 72 hours left to set their 40-man roster. They have two openings, so we expect a little more shuffling before Friday comes to a close.

-- RJ Anderson of Fangraphs on short-time Pirate pine rider Eric Hinske:
For the third time in as many off-seasons, Eric Hinske will be able to select his next team on the free agent market. The 2002 Rookie of the Year is far removed from any shred of stardom and continues to etch out the career arc of a role player.

Last off-season Hinske was essentially frozen out of a job until the Pirates called. It’s easy to see the same thing happening this off-season, although Hinske figures to stick in the American League. Not because of defensive limitations or league favoritism, but because each of his last three teams have won the pennant and two of those teams won the World Series.
-- For those of you hoping for a Pirate-Mike Gonzalez reunion, don't hold your breath. Gonzo just signed with Scott Boras.

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