Friday, November 13, 2009

Wisps of Smoke and Dock Ellis

-- Dave Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that:
(Phillie GM Ruben) Amaro said that he has had discussions with clubs who are looking to move third basemen - he did not name names, but Pittsburgh's Andy LaRoche and San Diego's Kevin Kouzmanoff could be available - (but) he is focusing most of his attention on five or six prospective free agents.
-- Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports add this tidbit:
Pirates switch hitter Ryan Doumit drew interest from several teams during this week's general managers' meetings in Chicago, multiple Major League sources said Thursday.

The sources believe Pittsburgh would not hesitate to move Doumit, 28, in the right deal.
We advise you to take these reports with a grain of salt; the Pirates' Neal Huntington would trade Bob Nutting's nana if he was "offered the right deal." After all, grannie was a left-over from the Littlefield era. But hey, it's the beginning of silly season in baseball, and a hot stove can't be fired up without first creating a little smoke, right?

-- You can cross Jack Splat off the Pirate wish-list, if he was indeed on it. Wilson signed a two-year, $10M contract with the M's, according to Dejan Kovacevic of the Post Gazette.

Neither he nor Freddy Sanchez got their $8M ticket punched for 2010, but both made out better compared to what the Buccos offered. Wilson was offered 2 years/$8M by the Pirates, and Sanchez, who signed for 2 years/$12M, was offered 2 years/$10M, according to reports.

-- Great moments in Pirate history, 1970. This is a vid by the No Mas Crew, tying together animation with Dock Ellis' commentary on his famous LSD-inspired no hitter. Good stuff!

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