Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bombs Away

The Bucco batters felt right at home at McKechnie Field, and it showed as they bombed the Minnesota Twins by a 15-5 tally. About time; they only scored thirteen runs total in the previous four games.

The pitching started off raggedy enough, with Ross Ohlendorf giving up a two-run homer in his two innings and Chris Jakubauskas not lasting that long, as he walked two and gave up three hits and three runs in his 1-2/3 frames.

But after that, it was lights out. Vinnie Chulk fanned five of the six batters he faced, and Anthony Claggett struck out the side in his inning (both gave up a hit). Ron Uviedo, Bryan Morris, and Ramon Aguero added hitless work, with Uviedo piocking up the win.

Bobby Crosby, who worked with Mark McGwire (on his swing, not his pharmaceuticals) during the off season, went 2-for-3 with four RBI, 2 runs, and a big three-run bomb into the wind. He started at first base, good for versatility, not so hot for challenging Ronny Cedeno. Oh, we forgot - he's not. That explains that.

Garrett Jones also went deep, while four other Pirates collected a pair of hits: John Raynor (double, triple), Pedro Alvarez (triple), Ryan Doumit and Hector Gimenez. Raynor and Delwyn Young (bases juiced double) both had 3 RBI.

The Pirates will send out split squads tomorrow to face the New York Yankees at home and the Tampa Bay Rays in Port Charlotte. Paul Maholm will make a three-inning start in the home contest, and Brad Lincoln will go against the Rays for the first two frames.


steve colella said...

another spring of eternal optimism with our battlin buccs. had to believe they will not lose 100 games in spiet of managements propaganda of "committment to sustained excellence" chuck finders blog last thurs. If sustained excellecne means not playing 500 ball since 1992 then they are correct. want to become a believer again. show me some signs.

Ron Ieraci said...

Steve, I agree that this team isn't deep at all and still needs a couple of guys that can make a difference. No matter what the suits say, they're still in transition; Andrew McCutchen could be the only starter left standing by 2012.

WilliamJPellas said...

Wow, Ron. Really?!? You expect THAT much more bloodletting? :-0 Care to elaborate?

Ron Ieraci said...

Alvarez-Tabata-Marte-d'Arnauld-Cunningham-Mercer-Sanchez (maybe Jones or Clement hold first base) are all knocking. I still think Doumit and at least a starter are going. Milledge and LaRoche have a chance to stick, too, Will, but I still think it's very much a transitional team

WilliamJPellas said...

I'd say Milledge has a chance, but he's too close to arb-eligible to be affordable unless he gives an adopted-hometown discount. If he doesn't have a big season in 2010, the team might let him walk, in which case that Morgan-Burnett trade looks a lot worse (not that I miss Burnett).

Obviously Alvarez and Tabata will be here in 2010 barring the Apocalypse, but while I certainly agree with you that a sudden influx of homegrown minor league talent is on the horizon, I think your ETA is a bit optimistic. I'm thinking 2012-2013 before they really land on our roster en masse.

I definitely agree that at least one of our current starting pitchers is on the way out(likely Duke to the Dodgers or Rangers), and that Doumit's days are numbered. However, I think Doumit is more likely to go next offseason or at the halfway point in 2011, as Sanchez likely won't be ready until late 2011 or (more probably) 2012.

Regardless, it's good to see more talent coming up than this team has had since the early 90s.