Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Frisbee

-- Ya know, we've made mention that we're a little leery of the way the Bucs treat their wounded. Guys like Brandon Moss and Paul Maholm tell us that they played basically one-legged last season (and may we quickly add, by their own choice).

Any number of pitchers have reported minor twinges, and the next thing we know is that they're out for six weeks, followed by a visit by the knife. Now Nate McLouth tells the beat writers that he's wearing contacts in 2010. The Pirates, to paraphrase Nate the Great, gave an eye exam that a blind man could pass.

Hey suits - evaluating and amassing talent is job one, but trying to keep them on the field is pretty important, too. You might want to sharpen up your player diagnostics a bit.

-- Chuck Finder of the Post Gazette shakes a stick at the Pirates mob of outfielders.

-- Scott Miller of CBS Sports has the annual Pirate preview.

-- Tim Marchman of SI's Inside Baseball rated the MLB GMs, and here's what he had to say about Neil Huntington (whom he ranked #20):

"There's something to be said for aggressively trying to clean up a disaster. The Pirates have gone longer without winning than any team ever has, and while they won't turn that around any time soon, Huntington's program of getting rid of any veteran of any value in exchange for whatever young talent he can get is absolutely the right one."

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