Friday, November 19, 2010

The Daily News

-- With Justin Upton being shopped around, Fangraph's Joe Pawlikowski wonders if the Bucs shouldn't be putting some feelers out for Andrew McCutchen.

We're hoping not, but Pawlikowski's argument is that the time gap between the pitching coming up and the young core of position players is such that the hitters may not be around for the hurlers arrival. Anyway, nice to see someone compare McCutch with Upton; Andrew deserves the props.

-- The 40-man roster needs set by the end of the day. There are two open spots; so unless the FO drops another body or two, it looks like Jeff Locke and probably Danny Moskos will earn a spot on the list; they'll likely clear a spot for the Rule 5 draft, too.

-- Brandon Moss has landed an invite to the Phil's spring camp; guess he's looking for a shot at Werth's job.

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