Friday, November 26, 2010

Today In The News

OK, GW is back from his jog around Schenley Park, and now flipping channels for Pitt and the Penguins (whoever invented the clicker is my hero), and still has to get a post out to his hard core holiday readers.

So, my turkey-stuffed buds, this piece will a quick romp through Pirate history that happened today:

-- On November 26th, 1986, the Yankees traded Doug Drabek, along with Logan Easley and Brian Fisher, to the Pirates for vets Rick Rhoden, Cecilio Guante and Pat Clements. Drabek will go on to win the Cy Young Award after posting a 22-6 record for the Bucs in 1990. In six seasons in Pittsburgh, Drabek logged 1362-2/3 innings of 3.02 ERA ball and won 92 games.

His son Kyle is a highly-touted pitching prospect of the Blue Jays, and was born a year after the Yankees-Pirates trade.

-- Bob Walk was born on Monday, November 26, 1956, in Van Nuys, California. He was 23 years old when he broke into the big leagues on May 26, 1980, with the Philadelphia Phillies. Walk spent three years with the Braves, and then pitched for the Pirates from 1984-93, finishing with a 105-81 slate and 4.03 ERA in his 14 year career. Now he's a Bucco talking head on Fox-Pittsburgh.

-- The Gravedigger, Richie Hebner, was born on November 26, 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts. He debuted for the Pirates in 1968, and played for ten seasons in a Bucco uniform during his eighteen year career. Hebner ended with an overall line of .276/203/890.

Hey, that's today's baseball fix. More tonight or tomorrow, and have a happy Black Friday.

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