Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Fishing For Pitching

Rob Biertempfel of the Tribune Review writes that the "Pirates will turn their attention to lower-tier free agents such as Aaron Heilman. They also have checked out four veteran pitchers trying to rebound from injuries — Jeff Francis, Brandon Webb, Justin Duchscherer and Chris Young."

The only surprise there is Heilman. He's 31, made $2.1M in 2010, and posted a 4.50 ERA with the D-Backs. Surely there are better bullpen options available (and believe us, there are). And we don't think they're bringing him back to join the rotation since he hasn't started a game since 2005.

Heck, maybe that goes to show just how much trouble the FO is having getting people to take Pittsburgh's money. Anyway, it should be an interesting four days in Florida. Let's hope it results in more than an Aaron Heilman signing.

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