Saturday, January 22, 2011

McCutch Gets A Lot Of Love

OK, GW was asleep for this one: Kristy Robinson at "Hands Off My Pirates Booty" blog (stories linked below) reports that MLB Network, in a couple of different episodes, picked Andrew McCutchen as baseball's best center fielder. Not most underrated, not best of the pups, just...the best.

Greg Amsinger of MLB's "Thursday Countdown" said: "It's time to find out (who) the number one center fielder in major league baseball is right now and he resides in Pittsburgh. The Pirates Andrew McCutchen is #1."

A couple days prior, when Ken Rosenthal of Fox was pressed to select the MLB's best CF, he said on MLB's "Front Burner" that "I'll go with the guy that no one talks about because he plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates. That would be Andrew McCutchen. People don't realize how good a player this kid is becoming and is already."

Hmmm...maybe the Bucs better tie him up long-term before the Yankees and Red Sox decide to start bidding on him.

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