Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lineups, Notes

Pittsburgh - Tampa Bay:

Lineup - Jose Tabata LF, Niel Walker 2B, Andrew McCutchen CF, Lyle Overbay 1B, Matt Diaz RF, Pedro Alvarez 3B, Ryan Doumit C, Ronny Cedeno SS and Paul Maholm P.

Pitching - Paul Maholm, Joel Hanrahan, Chris Leroux.

David Price will start for Tampa.

-- J-Mac threw three frames against the Yankee AAA club; he'll get some more work on the last day of camp, and if there are no setbacks, he should be able to pitch when the season starts from the five-hole in the rotation.

-- Clint Hurdle sorta announced his 2011 batting order, although it's not set in stone, and has already lined up his starting pitching. It looks like this:

Against righties: Jose Tabata, Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen, Lyle Overbay, Pedro Alvarez, Garrett Jones, Ryan Doumit/Chris Snyder & Ronny Cedeno.

Against lefties: Jose Tabata, Neil Walker, Andrew McCutchen, Matt Diaz, Pedro Alvarez, Lyle Overbay, Chris Snyder, & Ronny Cedeno.

Rotation: Kevin Correia, Paul Maholm, Ross Ohlendorf, Charlie Morton & James McDonald.

-- We're guessing that the FO has their opening day roster set, but won't announce it until they see who gets set loose on the final cut-downs around the league, just in case someone juicy pops up on the waiver wire. They also have to determine if Chris Snyder can go or not when the opening bell rings before handing out the 25th spot.

-- Hey, guess who's back in the NL Central? The Nationals have sent Nyjer Morgan to the Brewers in exchange for Cutter Dykstra, Lenny's kid. The bloom faded from Nyjer's rose quickly enough in DC.

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