Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turn the Page...

-- RHP Brendan Donnelly, released at the deadline last year by the Bucs, has retired reports He had a 5.58 ERA for the Pirates. For his career, Donnelly compiled a 32-10 record, 3.22 ERA with 369 strikeouts in 385-1/3 innings.

-- Former West Virginia QB Pat White retired from baseball, according to ESPN. He signed a minor-league contract with KC last year after a stint with the Miami Dolphins. He had been drafted twice, by the Yankees and Angels, but stuck with football.

-- Bad start for the NL Central. The Cards have lost Adam Wainwright, the Astros Jason Castro, and the Brewers now have Zack Grienke on ice with cracked ribs and he'll likely miss the start of the season.


WilliamJPellas said...

Too bad about Donnelly. He obviously didn't have a lot left when he pitched for the Bucs last season, but he was a very effective reliever for about a decade despite not getting to the bigs to stay until he was 30. I really liked him because in addition to his effectiveness, he was one of the few Pirates players who actually, publicly gave a crap last season. He still had fire in his belly to the end. Good for him.

As for White, I think he was the classic "great collegian" who just simply didn't have the size to make it in the NFL, nor the desire to grind it out in the minors over the long haul in baseball. Let's hope he finds his life work quickly and that he doesn't struggle too badly with the transition from "center of attention" to "working stiff".

Ron Ieraci said...

Agrred on both counts, Will.