Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ex-Buccos on the Move...

Some moves involving ex-Buccos/prospects:

-- The Giants gave Freddy Sanchez a one-year, $6M extension, carrying him through 2012.

-- C Hector Gimenez made the Dodgers' MLB roster.

-- RHP Fernando Nieve was signed by the Astros.*

-- RHP Eric Hacker was signed by the Twins.*

-- RHP Romulo Sanchez signed with the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

-- SS Luis Cruz was outrighted to AAA by the Brewers.*

-- RHP Ty Taubenheim was released by the Rangers.

-- RHP Jeff Sues was released by the White Sox.*

-- RHP Kyle Bloom was released by the Tigers.*

-- RHP Jonah Bayliss was released by the Rays.*

(* from Baseball America)

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