Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pirates Pre-Game

-- The pitchers: Kevin Correia vs. Ted Lilly. The first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 PM, and Root Sports will televise the game.

-- The lineup: Andrew McCutchen CF, Jose Tabata LF, Matt Diaz RF, Neil Walker 2B, Steve Pearce 1B, Ryan Doumit C, Brandon Wood 3B, Ronny Cedeno SS, Kevin Correia P.

With lefty Lilly on the hill, Pearce and Wood are in the lineup, replacing Pedro and Lyle Overbay. It looks like Clint Hurdle is going with an all-out platoon system today...except for Chris Snyder. Dewey's on a mini-tear and getting his third straight start.

-- A KC Twitter tweeter tweeted that "The Royals & Pirates haven't been both above .500 since May of 1999."

-- Guess who Joe Pawlikowski of Fangraphs chose as the "Team of the Week?" Yep, your very own Pittsburgh Pirates.

-- Tony Sanchez had some thoughtless words for an ump that ruled against Altoona on a force at second while the game-winning run scored, tweeting "Sometimes the umpires just decide to blow a game." And that's a prime example of an athlete being a nit-twit.

He thought better of it today, and messaged "Should have kept my feelings about last nights outcome to myself. I work too hard to have a great relationship with umpires to let one call jeopardize that relationship. I apologize and will not let it happen again."

-- Kenny Geidel, the "Lemonade Here" guy that worked at PNC Park, the Arena, Consol, Heinz Field and 3RS for the past 25 years, died today. His voice echoing through the seats will be missed. It was as much a part of the game as the crack of the ball off the bat. RIP, Kenny.

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jOE bEIMEL fAN said...

The Buccos are going to get beat tonite. GO DODGERS!!!!