Monday, June 6, 2011

Cole It Is

At 7:08, the Bucs selected RHP Gerrit Cole of UCLA, as widely predicted. Welcome to the club; nice rotation falling in place for 2013-14 if the stars align right.

The big story is Anthony Rendon's free-fall. The slugging third baseman was selected sixth by the Nats, behind high school CF'er Bubba Starling, after being pretty much anointed the consensus two pick by the draft pundits. That bum shoulder sure lightened his pocketbook.

His medical reports must have been worrisome, but obviously not to Washington. In the past three years, they've added Steven Strasburg, Bryce Harper & Anthony Rendon to their system, and that's a handful of talent. Don't forget that with Ryan Zimmerman at third, they could slide him to second without a worry.

The Pirates are done for tonight; they lead off tomorrow with the first pick of the second round, number sixty-one overall.

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