Monday, August 1, 2011

Ludwick Here; Ciriaco Down

Pretty hectic day for ol' Ryan Ludwick. He gets traded, embarks on a cross-country jet trip, leaving a nice 75 degree day in San Diego to touch down in steamy Pittsburgh. Then he braves rush hour traffic to get to the North Shore ballyard.

The guy barely had enough time to pull on his stockings, much less figure out who his teammates may be, before jogging into left field an hour-and-a-half after he was ushered into the locker room. Let's hope he can survive his first day on an adrenaline rush.

And he's stepping into an important series. Yah, the Cubs are pretty pathetic this year, and lost five in a row to the Brewers and St. Louis before knocking off the Cards on national TV yesterday. But this is a set of the games the Bucs have to take if they want to stay relevant in the NL Central.

The Pirates had to move someone to clear roster space for Ludwick - Clint Hurdle was waiting to eyeball him before making the move official - and so the Dominican yo-yo, SS Pedro Ciriaco, was sent back to Indy. It's the obvious call, but GW cringes every time he thinks of the middle infield depth. It consists of Brandon Wood, who has played some short and two innings of MLB second base. Stay well, Pittsburgh Kid.

Anyway, keep an eye out for #36 in left field, batting fifth on your scorecard. He's here.

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