Monday, August 20, 2012

Get Yer Scorecard...Bucs Make Moves

Well, after running through the bullpen and a rash of injuries, the Pirates are moving warm bodies all over town.

Juan Cruz has just been DFA'ed; his second half performance hasn't been very clean, and even when he put up a zero, it took a gazillion pitches and stranded base runners galore (his WHIP is 1.626). Jordy Mercer is gone for three days, off on paternity leave.

LHP Justin Wilson (9-6/3.84, Indy) and RHP Kyle McPherson (3-6/3.60, Altoona & Indy) have been called up and are in San Diego to fill those spots. Both are in SD on their own merits, but also because both fall into a time frame where they can pitch now. Jeff Locke started yesterday, so that's why he was out of the mix.

One of the two will probably work in tandem with Kevin Correia tonight, who worked two innings yesterday, and get swapped out after the game for Chad Qualls. Qualls returned from his bereavement leave, but his reinstatement hasn't been officially announced by the Pirates, who say he won't be put back on the roster tonight. But a couple of national sources say he has been activated, and if that's the case, there's another move to come yet. We'd bet on the Bucco version, being their paperwork and all.

Tony Watson hasn't thrown since Thursday and didn't make an appearance in yesterday's marathon, so he may be nursing an ache or pain. Travis Snider has groin and hammy tweaks, Neil Walker has a finger on the mend, Starling Marte is already on the DL with an oblique strain...geez, these guys are a mess.

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