Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things We Wonder...

  • The Pirates traded for RHP Kyle Kaminska, who kicked butt at Bradenton (2-0, 1.69), Altoona (1-0, 3.00) and in the Arizona Fall League (3-1, 1.61). Then they dealt him to Boston for RHP Zach Stewart, who the FO DFA'ed and lost to the Chicago White Sox. Was there a point?
  • Clint Hurdle loves him some good glove, bad stick SS Clint Barmes. But he wouldn't play good glove, possibly not-as-bad stick back-ups Pedro Ciriaco in 2011 and Jordy Mercer last season. Maybe if they came from the Rockies...
  • The Bucs brought in 1B/OF Brad Hawpe and invited him to camp. He's behind Gaby Sanchez and probably Jerry Sands at first and, well, everyone in the outfield. Oh, he played for the Rockies...
  • Since Jose Tabata & Travis Snider are out of options while Jerry Sands and Alex Presley each have one remaining, have the decisions for the outfield already been made?
  • Maybe in the bullpen, too - Chris Leroux, Vin Mazzaro and Bryan Morris are also out of options.
  • Will Jeff Karstens or Francisco Liriano get first dibs on the clubhouse tub?
  • With no apparent SS replacement for Clint Barmes in 2014 (and he doesn't have an option clause), would Pittsburgh be better served by having Jordy Mercer get regular time at Indy this year, at least early on, especially if he's not going to see any appreciable field time in Pittsburgh? He still has a pair of options.
  • This is AJ Burnett's walk year; can the Pirate budget fit him in for a 2014 return if he performs equally as well this season as last? Remember, he'll be 37 in 2014.
  • In that vein, one thing we don't wonder about is if they can afford 34 year old Wandy Rodriguez. The Pirates are on the hook for $8.5M of his 2013 salary and $7.5M of 2014 (if he vests his option) thanks to Houston's ante. That's a fair price if he continues to perform better than league average, which he's done the past five seasons.

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