Friday, March 22, 2013

Bucs Cut Morris, DeJesus, Goedert

The Bucs lopped a couple of more guys off the roster today, sending RHP Bryan Morris to Indy and assigning infielders Ivan DeJesus Jr. and Jared Goedert to Indy.

Morris wasn't a surprise. Once the Bucs announced that he had gotten an extra option year, it was pretty apparent they intended to use it sooner rather than later. He didn't really help his cause in camp, pitching to a 5.14 ERA in seven innings, walking five guys, but the option bought him another year in the system.

DeJesus, 25, was making a strong run in camp, hitting .406 with a .955 OPS. Our guess is that he and eventually Jordy Mercer - their chances of making the club took a big hit when John McDonald joined the team, although Mercer is till hangin' around - will split SS time at Indy to see if the Bucs have internal options when Clint Barme's contract ends after this season. DJ was part of the Hanny deal, and his spring showing put him on the back on the radar after a slow recovery from a broken leg.

Goedert, 27, was signed as a minor league free agent (he was in the Cleveland system) by the Pirates as a guy with a rep for a good stick, and he lived up to that early but faded badly down the stretch, and ended up hitting .207 in camp.


Anonymous said...

Ron - as you pointed out: McDonald's lifetime WAR is 2.9 - Given that, why would Bucco brass spend $1.5M plus a PTBNL over DeJesus who "made a strong run in camp" and who is 25 and costs them zilch?

This is a curious move which suggest that the brass believes their Buccos are going to have a lot of late inning leads to protect and that they would benefit from a veteran presence.

Frankly I don't think this team needs any "veteran leadership" more than it already has - And McDonald has very little playoff experience - most of his teams were right around .500 - PLUS - this is Cutch's team - after last year - he is the leader - and I would think our new catcher would have brought some bronx bomber winning tradition leadership. AJ and Wandy have veteran presence so does GI Jones and Walker - It cant be Veteran leadership so that means we expect lots of late inning leads - which mgt feels it needs a 38 year-old glove-guy to protect. we spent 1.5M plus a PTBNL - I'm not picking on McDonlad #1 he is a PC Friar and #2 he has stuck in the biggs for parts of 14 seasons - quite an accomplishment for sure - but the question is why is he on this team?

Insurance for Barmes? The better move would be to have gone with DeJesus for his stick or if you wanted speed/defense/versatility go with JayHey.

1.5M is a lot for this team to spend in this way with such a marginal and nebulous potential return. Why not keep the cash for now and spend it more wisely. Sorry for the long post.

Very much enjoy your blog, its the best! - have been a long time reader.


Ron Ieraci said...

Thx, Cincy. I don't have anything against McDonald as a bench guy in the absence of other options, but I kinda see him as a block; Mercer or DeJesus earned a shot.

The Bucs like to take options to the edge, which I think hurts in the long run. Hurdle distrusts young middle infielders, which plays into the deal, and just maybe the FO thinks that this team is a contender and is adding a veteran piece. It'd be nice if they're right, although I suspect 2014 or more likely 2015 is their playoff window.