Monday, March 18, 2013

Bucs v Bosox, More Cuts

First, the six cuts: Gerrit Cole, Ali Solis, Kris Johnson, Kyle Waldrop and Brooks Brown were sent to minor league camp for assignment, while Phil Irwin was optioned to Indy. None were surprises; Cole got one last start in major league camp yesterday and Solis has been hurt.  The other guys actually did a pretty nice job competing for bullpen jobs, but the FO had to get the number of candidates under control as the camp winds down.

They're now down to 43 players, with several others - Francisco Liriano, Jose Contreras, Charlie Morton and Chase d'Arnaud - injured/rehabbing. There are 11 non-roster invitees in camp with two weeks to go; the hard cuts are still down the road, but approaching fast as the team takes shape.


The Bucs take on Boston at McKechnie Field this afternoon. James McDonald toes the rubber against Clay Buchholz. Bucholz has made three appearances covering 8-1/3 IP and hasn't given up a score yet this spring. The game starts at 1:05 and will be aired by The Fan 93.7.

Lineup: Starling Marte CF, Felix Pie LF, Russell Martin C, Pedro Alvarez 3B, Neil Walker 2B, Gaby Sanchez 1B, Brad Hawpe RF, Ivan DeJesus SS and James McDonald P.

Clint Hurdle continues to use Martin as his wildcard in the lineup, while Pie and DeJesus stay alive in the battle for a roster spot.

Pitchers: James McDonald, Jason Grilli, Mark Melancon and Chris Leroux.

McDonald has been slowly gearing up for the season, and hopefully this will be another slow but steady step in that direction.

  • Jeff Karstens will work a minor league game today. With two weeks until the season starts, he doesn't have much time left to prepare. It could be that he'll start the year in the bullpen, which could have a domino effect of sorts on the roster.
  • Charlie Wilmoth of MLB Trade Rumors has a piece on the worst trades of the decade; surprisingly, the Bucs are only involved in a couple.


Anonymous said...

The Bautisa and Ramirez trades were awful. Can you imagine where the Bucs would be with those two on this team?

Ron Ieraci said...

Sure is a pleasant thought. I'd be curious to see between Aramis and Pedro who's end up on the hot corner and who'd be at first. Jose would be in right, except we'd probably trade him for a bag of balls and a Big Mac.

Anonymous said...

Pedro is not an MLB 3d baseman and the longer we keep him at the hot corner, instead of 1B, the longer the team suffers. Walker should be at 3B, Pedro at 1B and we should get a GG caliber defensive player up the middle at 2B. Put Jones in RF - Tabby, Snider and the King are 4A /bench players on average teams. Sanchez is a reclamation project who may pan out - but what we gain with him at 1B batting wise, we lose with Pedro at 3B defensively and to a lesser degree walker at 2B. I like Walker - a lot, but 6'3" 210 is not what you need up the middle - Chico Lind 5'11", 155 lbs; Renee Stennett 5'"11" 160 lbs; Bill Maz 5'11" 180 lbs - this team is so poorly managed its embarrassing.

WilliamJPellas said...

Anonymous, you and I must be kindred spirits, because I have been advocating exactly the same approach to the Pirates' infield for the past two years at least. Walker's best defensive position is certainly third base and not second base. To be sure, he does a lot better up the middle than anyone has any right to expect, but he's too big for the position,and I think that's a big reason why his back is giving him problems. I'm not sure that all 3 of the OF's you mention are all "4A / bench players on good teams". Presley, in particular, in my book could definitely start in CF for at least a few clubs. And I'm not ready to write off Tabata, if only because I want to see him play when he is actually in shape before I write him off as a fourth OF. I don't believe in Snider and I don't think he has a future in Pittsburgh.

Ron Ieraci said...

Guys - while I may not agree on all the particulars, I do agree that the FO has a problem trying to fill a couple of round holes with square pegs. As I've mentioned many times, I'm not a fan of collecting players without a specific team-building purpose in mind, and I think that MO may be why there are several bad fits in both the lineup and field today.