Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bucs v Orioles

The Bucs' Jonathan Sanchez get the nod against the Orioles and Jake Arrieta at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota. The game starts at 7:05, and nope, not a TV game. But it will be broadcast by The Fan 93.7.

Lineup: Starling Marte LF, Neil Walker 2B, Andrew McCutchen CF, Pedro Alvarez 3B, Gaby Sanchez DH, Garrett Jones 1B, Russell Martin C, Travis Snider RF and Clint Barmes SS.

Clint's breaking out the big boys tonight. And it looks more and more like the days of Snider sliding into the two-hole are over.

Pitchers: Jonathan Sanchez and ?

Last start before his opt-out date, 3/24. 

  • Jared Stonesifer of Yahoo Sports asks "Is Russell Martin The Answer...?" He writes "Martin might not be the answer Pirates fans were looking for in a catcher, but he'll have to do for now."
  • Dave Cameron has the final team power ratings to conclude Fangraph's series. 
  • Joe Posnanski of Hard Ball Talk has a sweet piece on old Bucco C Tony Pena.
  • Craig Calcaterra and Kay Adams of Hard Ball Talk prognosticate on the fortunes of the 2013 NL Central clubs.
  • This day in history - Manny Sanguillen was born in Colon, Panama in 1944. Happy 69th! And in 1986, the Pittsburgh Associates, a coalition of 13 public and private investors, saved baseball in Pittsburgh when it purchased the Pirates from the Galbreath family for $21.8M in a deal that had been essentially hammered out in the previous fall.

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