Friday, August 30, 2013

Liriano v Miller to Open Card Showdown

Francisco Liriano (12-8, 2.90) begins the big three game stretch-run series against the Cards tonight, matching up with Shelby Miller (12-8, 2.90). Both are big time performers, but have had opposite-end results against the clubs they're facing. The Cisco Kid has a line of 3-0/1.57 versus the Redbirds while Miller is 0-3/4.08 against the Pirates. so lets hope those karmas continue tonight.

The game starts at 7:05 and will be aired on the MLB Network, Root Sports and 93.7 The Fan.

Pirate lineup: Jose Tabata LF, Neil Walker 2B, Andrew McCutchen CF, Pedro Alvarez 3B, Marlon Byrd RF, Garrett Jones 1B, Russ Martin C, Clint Barmes SS and Francisco Liriano P.

Jones is back after a couple of days of workin' on the ol' swing, and Barmes gets the start at short.

Cardinal lineup: Matt Carpenter 2B, Carlos Beltran RF, Matt Holliday LF, Allen Craig 1B, Yadier Molina C, David Freese 3B, Shane Robinson CF, Pete Kozma SS and Shelby Miller P.

  • The Cardinals have nine wins in their last 12 games; the Bucs are 5-of-12.
  • Marlon Byrd turns 36 today, so happy B-Day to the newest Bucco. And no, he's not the oldest - that's Jason Grilli, followed by AJ.
  • The Bucs aren't going to raid Indy wholesale, though close enough. They expect to add a couple of arms Sunday, bring up some others Tuesday after the season, and finalize the roster when the playoffs finish. They expect to call up to 10 players to Pittsburgh overall.
  • Kris Johnson is scheduled to start for Indy today, taking away another possible Sunday starter.

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