Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why Pie?

To straighten out Felix Pie's recall: Starling Marte had his hand stepped on Sunday trying to steal a base, and it's still sore. JT has a slight - at least we think it's minor - case of tendinitis in his knee. Both are expected to be able to pinch hit off the bench. Pie will replace JT as the leadoff man.

Alex Presley and Andrew Lambo aren't eligible for recall quite yet.  Four of the next five pitchers the Pirates are tentatively scheduled to face are righties, and Pie bats lefty. So he's pretty much the last man standing from Indy, and flew virtually coast-to-coast from Syracuse to get to San Diego for tonight's game.

Ryan Reid was sent to Indy to make room on the active roster; he was up as insurance after Monday's extra-inning game while the bench played a man short. Wandy was moved from the 15 to 60 day DL, which makes no diff for his return date. He went on the DL June 11th, so he already has served 60 days.

We don't expect Pie to have a long stay; he was hitting just .251 at Indy with a .325 OBP, though he did hit RHP well (.290) and stole 38 bases.  He'll get flipped for Presley/Lambo shortly; the length of his stay will depend on what kind of start he gets for Pittsburgh.

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