Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Stuff...

Saturday stuff...

  • Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated will be watching to see if Gerrit Cole and some other young guns will regress this season because of their workload in 2013.
  • Tom Singer of writes that even with all the highly touted young arms rising in the system, Brandon Cumpton is still very much in the mix of things for the Bucs.
  • Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs posts that the biggest decision left after the Tanaka signing is whether AJ will return to the Pirates.
  • Cutch was interviewed by Mint Condition about some off-the-wall stuff. The vid is here.
  • Saber Bucs makes the argument that Bob Friend, not Vern Law, should have won the 1960 Cy Young.
  • Cliff Corcoran of Sports Illustrated thinks the Reds inactivity in the market will cost them this season.
A little old-timey history: The Boston Americans (the forerunners of the BoSox) had a fan club called the Royal Rooters that would march to home games from a tavern to their seats behind third base. In the first World Series in 1903, when the Americans played the Pirates, the Rooters traveled to Pittsburgh and became a major factor, singing, hooting, and generally distracting the hometown Buccos players, especially Honus Wagner, much like the "Cue-to" blackout fans did at PNC Park last season. They did such a good job at discombobulating the Pirates that Pittsburgh lost three of its four games at home in Exposition Park - and the Series. (from Dugout Legends). And speaking of Honus:

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