Friday, February 14, 2014

2/14: Natonal Colored Baseball League, Damaso Marte, Kevin McClatchy...

National Colored Baseball League, Damaso Marte, Kevin McClatchy...

  • 1887 - Per Wikipedia, the National Colored Base Ball League, the first attempt at a professional Negro League, was organized at a meeting in Baltimore. Eight clubs were represented, including the original Pittsburgh Keystones. The league quickly folded (the Keystones finished 3-4), but set a foundation that would eventually allow the Pittsburgh Crawfords and Homestead Grays to enter the baseball scene. 
  • 1975 - LHP Damaso Marte was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He pitched from the Buc bullpen in 2001 and again from 2006-08. He went 7-8-5 with a 3.52 ERA and struck out 200 batters in 186-⅔ IP. 

 Damaso Marte from the NY Daily News

  • 1996 - Kevin McClatchy and partners purchased the Pirates from the Pittsburgh Associates with the understanding that a baseball-only stadium be built within five years. The sale saved the franchise from being moved out of Pittsburgh by other potential buyers, but proved a mixed blessing.

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