Saturday, December 27, 2014

12/27: Jim Tobin Born, Don Hoak Hitched...

Jim Tobin Born, Don Hoak Hitched...
  • 1912 - RHP Jim Tobin was born in Oakland, California. Tobin spent his first three seasons (1937-39) as a Pirate, going 29-24 with a 3.71 ERA, before being traded to Boston, where he would spend the majority of his nine-year career. He was OK with a stick, too; Tobin pinch-hit over 100 times in his major league career with a batting line of .230/.303/.345 in the majors. He totaled 35 doubles, 17 homers and 102 RBI in 796 at-bats in the show. 
Jim Tobin 1939 Play Ball 9
  • 1961 - 3B Don Hoak married Avonmore’s Norma Jean Speranza, better known as pop singer and TV starlet Jill Corey, in a civil ceremony in Common Plea judge Frederick Weir’s chambers, with Mayor Joe Barr as a guest. The Tiger met the singer at a promotional event at Forbes Field and the pair exchanged vows 16 months later. Hoak died eight years later on the same day that Danny Murtaugh was named manager in 1969, a job the Tiger thought he deserved. His widow claimed that Hoak died of a broken heart because the Pirates had passed him over, although he suffered his fatal heart attack chasing after a relative’s stolen car.
Don Hoak & Jill Corey after the ceremony - Associated Press photo

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