Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday: Chad Kuhl v Brett Anderson, Lineup, Notes

Today: The game starts at 4:10 and will be on Root Sports and 93.7 The Fan.

Pitchers: Chad Kuhl (2-0, 3.91) closes the set versus Brett Anderson (0-0, --). Chad has shown the stuff to hang in an MLB rotation. Now he has to get more consistent command of that stuff; he goes through spells when he leaves the ball at the belt instead of the knees. Still, the 23-year-old probably arrived in Pittsburgh a year earlier than expected and the Bucs have won all five of his starts, so his maiden cruise hasn't been all that choppy. Julio Urias was slated for this game, but the Dodgers used him yesterday. Anderson has been around the block; this will be his eighth season. It will also be his debut for the campaign. as he's been out all year with a disc problem in his back, so it's tough to predict what we'll get today. Anderson hasn't faced the Pirates since 2014 as a Rox, so there's no recent history.

Chad is looking to cement a spot in the rotation. (photo Pittsburgh Pirates)

Lineup: Josh 2B, Starling Marte LF, Cutch CF, Freeser 1B, Jung Ho Kang 3B, Jordy SS, Fran Cervelli C, S-Rod RF, Kuhl P. Glad to see Starling is OK, but not liking Gregory sitting. Wonder if his bum wing is achy today? LA couldn't keep Kang of the bases yesterday and JJ gets the sit-down. Then again, it could just simply be that Clint's gut sense told him to load up with RH against the southpaw Anderson. Even though his career splits are reverse, he was much more susceptible to the big bop from the righties in 2015.

  • If the Bucs win today, it will be their third straight series victory since the brutal Milwaukee-Atlanta road trip. 
  • The Dodger rotation continues on its hamster wheel - Anderson was activated after yesterday's starter, Brandon McCarthy, replaced him on the DL.
  • Tonight's battery - Stew and Tyler Altoona.

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