Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hot Stove Goes Cold

Ah, the life of a blogger. Bobby Abreu didn't play out for a stinkin' news cycle before he went and signed up with the Angels for a year at $5M guaranteed and another $3M worth of incentive carrots bobbing in front of his nose.

We can't even fantasize about Adam Dunn manning the middle of the lineup. He went and inked a 2 year deal for $20M with the Nats. The Nats!!! Oh, the humanity!

The inning eater they were looking for to anchor an underachieving staff? Well, scrub Braden Looper from the list. He's about to ply his trade for division rival Milwaukee after agreeing to a year at $4.75M and an option for 2010.

That pretty well throws a pail of ice water over the embers of the Pirate's Hot Stove season. They never did come up with that righty power bat or veteran arm to gobble up some innings.

Can you blame the Bucs? Sure, they didn't want to drop a dollar on someone to help keep the team afloat for the short term. You gotta pay to play.

And you can blame the market, too. There were LH corners galore, but not much from the right side. The pitching? Heck, we have more back-of-rotation guys than you can shake a stick at. Why overpay another one, especially a dinosaur?

Thank God for Ramon Vazquez, Eric Hinske, and, uh, Donnie Veal. And hey - Manny's still out there...

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