Sunday, July 26, 2009

Doctor, Doctor, Find Me A Cure...

Well, it's officially a funk. Sometimes the Bucs hit and don't pitch; sometimes they pitch and don't hit. When they can't do either, against the last place team in the West, well, it's time to worry.

And when you're shut out in back to back games 16-0 and have Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito, and Matt Cain on deck, look out, Loretta.

First, Bucco hurlers have to buckle down with two away. It was a 9-0 shellacking; eight of the nine runs came in with two out, and a half-dozen of those scored with two away and nobody on base. Two of those innings were started with walks.

Next, they have to square away the Freddy Sanchez situation. He's in an 0-for-20 streak, and you have to wonder if the contract and deadline are weighing on his mind. He had a spell like this a few weeks back, but ink the guy or move him, and let's get on with life.

Finally, it's becoming obvious that Virgil Vasquez isn't the answer. He's too cute on the mound and won't attack hitters, falls behind in the count, and gets whacked. We understand the options at Indy. Too soon to bring back Tom Gorzelanny and start his arbitration clock, and too much bad blood with Ian Snell.

But if Pittsburgh can't move Snell by the deadline, the suits have to get over their snit and plug him back into the rotation. He probably won't clear waivers for an August deal, but he could rebuild some value for the offseason.

--Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated writes that: "The Red Sox appear to be checking out shortstops, including Jack Wilson..."

-- Bruce Levine of ESPN-Chicago posted that: "The Cubs have had conversations with the Pirates about left-hander John Grabow, one of the best left-handed set-up men in the league. A bigger trade with Pittsburgh, for a starter like Zach Duke or Tom Gorzelanny, may be the right avenue to follow..."

So the Pirate suits apparently have no compunctions about dealing within the division.

-- Peter Gammons of ESPN reports that: "Whether it's...the gaggle of prospects the Pirates have indicated they need to move Zach Duke, the songs remain the same. The small-market teams say they think the big-market teams overvalue prospects."

Well, at least we know now that the Zachster's asking price is a "gaggle of prospects," whatever that means.


WilliamJPellas said...

Regarding Virgil Vasquez, I have a two word answer: Daniel. McCutchen. McCutchen WILL attack the strike zone, and he won't walk anybody. If you are good enough to beat him swinging your bats, so be it, but it WILL be by swinging your bats, NOT be walking around the bases. I'll take my chances with a guy like that, even if he may never be overwhelming on the big league level.

Agree completely re: Freddy, though I will add that he has his usual assortment of bumps, bruises, dings, and dents this season, and sooner or later all those small injuries are going to add up to one big one. Honestly, I'm ready to deal him, since a contract extension at reduced dollars is evidently not in the cards. Supposedly the Twins are interested in him, and they've needed a legitimate 2B for what seems like forever. I'd be on the horn to Minnesota and offer to pay a couple mil of Freddy's option year in 2010, and see if they'll give us two good prospects from their system. I see no reason why they wouldn't. Yes, we'll need another 2B for next year, but I have no problem with running Delwyn Young out there every day for the balance of the season. Why not?

Otherwise, this team has serious offensive deficits. Doumit looks like he's coming around a bit and that helps, but Garrett Jones has to cool off sometime, and that leaves....ummm.....

Ron Ieraci said...

Nothing against McCutchen, Will, but I think the Pirates are in a position where they have to showcase Snell at the MLB level to get anything for him. The odds are they move Karstens back to the rotation, anyway, and bring back Jackson.

And the wait til Friday will be interesting. Yanks in on Snell, Twins and Tigers looking at Sanchez, Tigers also looking at Wilson and a LHP...and I'm sure somebody is lurking under the radar.

Real Fake Sports said...

I feel sorry for Pirates fans. It has to be frustrating to see all of the talent that continually gets traded out of town.

Ron Ieraci said...

Thank God for the Pens, Steelers, and bass fishing tournaments is all I can say!