Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On The Road Again...

Hey, Sweet Lou wasn't gonna stir up any controversy by going out and yanking Ryan Dempster in the ninth. And he didn't have to even consider it.

Dempster pitched his first complete game of the year and his first shutout since he blanked the Expos in 2001 by downing the Bucs 6-0 on a five-hitter.

The game was won on two simple premises - throw strikes and catch the ball. Dempster threw strikes, Kevin Hart didn't. The Cubs caught the ball, the Bucs, particularly the middle of their infield, didn't.

Dempster was constantly ahead of the Pirate batters, and Hart walked four in his four innings; two would score. Hart did deserve better; he could have easily been on the hook for two runs instead of a half dozen.

In the first, he walked the leadoff hitter, and he scored. A couple of batters later, Hart dropped a toss to first. That runner eventually scored.

In the fateful fourth, Luis Cruz and Delwyn Young both committed errors, and both missed playable balls. Another dink dropped into left when Lastings Milledge slipped in the outfield. By the time the smoke cleared, it was 6-0, the way it would end.

Hey, there's a reason the Bucs have only won three road games since the All-Star break. They play away from Les Trois Rivieres like your favorite little league team does when the coach's kid pitches.

Ah well, one more week to go and then we can concentrate on what's wrong with the Steelers.


WilliamJPellas said...

Kevin Hart has gone straight downhill ever since his first 3 or so starts. I liked the acquisition when we first got him; now, I dunno. Not that Gorzellany was any great loss, though it hurt to see Grabow leave. But I sure hope Ascanio isn't hurt badly, or that's another trade in the dumpster.

Ron Ieraci said...

Looks like they're considering giving him the ball one last time to close out the season, Will. But there's no question he's fallen behind McCutchen and maybe Lincoln in the race for the rotation next year.