Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Twenty Five Prospects

Green Weenie's Top Twenty Five Prospects:

01 - Pedro Alvarez, 3B (Altoona)
02 - Jose Tabata, OF (Altoona)
03 - Brad Lincoln, RHP (Altoona/Indy)
04 - Chase d'Arnaud, SS (West Virginia/Lynchburg)
05 - Tim Alderson, RHP (Altoona)
06 - Daniel McCutchen, RHP (Indy-Pittsburgh)
07 - Tony Sanchez, C (West Virginia/Lynchburg)
08 - Rudy Owens, LHP (West Virginia/Lynchburg)
09 - Gorkys Hernandez, CF (Altoona)
10 - Donnie Veal, LHP (Pittsburgh)
11 - Ron Uviedo, RHP (Lynchburg)
12 - Quinton Miller, RHP (West Virginia)
13 - Bryan Morris, RHP (Lynchburg)
14 - Jeff Locke, RHP (Lynchburg)
15 - Neil Walker, 3B (Indy/Pittsburgh)
16 - Brian Friday, SS (Altoona)
17 - Starling Marte, OF (Lynchburg)
18 - Brett Lorin, RHP (West Virginia)
19 - Jim Negrych, IF (Altoona)
20 - Jordy Mercer, SS (Lynchburg)
21 - Justin Wilson, LHP (Lynchburg)
22 - Robbie Grossman, OF (West Virginia)
23 - Nelson Pereira, LHP (State College))
24 - Daniel Moskos, LHP (Altoona)
25 - Jeff Sues, RHP (Altoona-Indy)

We tried to stay with guys that had some sort of track record; Tony Sanchez was the only 2009 pick to make the charts. And even without that class, the players that the current suits brought in have just about shouldered past Littlefield's legacies. But there are some very interesting arms on the way to State College and West Virginia in 2010.

A dozen aiming for next season's list: RHP Ramon Aguero, RHP Victor Black, OF Evan Chambers, LHP Colton "Billy" Cain, IF Jarek Cunningham, LHP Zack Dodson, RHP Mike Dubee, 2B Shelby Ford, IF Brock Holt, RHP Brooks Pounders, RHP Trent Stevenson, and RHP Zack Von Rosenberg.

(No, we didn't run out words, heaven forbid! We'll be doing reports on the guys in the coming days, starting with the 12 pups and working our way to the Franchise, Pedro Alvarez.)

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