Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Odds And Ends

-- The beat writers report that pitchers that both Steve Jackson and Anthony Claggett cleared waivers and were assigned to Indy.

-- The X-man is back in the NL Central. The Cubs signed Xavier Nady to a one-year deal for $3.3M with $2M in possible bonus money.

-- Pirate Charities, after successfully partnering to build the Miracle League field in Cranberry last season for special needs kids, have announced plans to build another in the Wheeling area. They'll make it public over the weekend during Piratefest.

-- And while the Bucs are in a building mood, they plan to erect a Billy Maz statue on Mazeroski Way, a road that runs parallel to PNC's right field line and ends at a boat landing on the Allegheny.


WilliamJPellas said...

I'd have been very happy to have Nady back in Pittsburgh for that kind of money, and I much prefer him over Ryan Church. Church isn't bad, but Nady is a much-needed right handed power bat (Church is yet another leftie on a team overloaded with them) and Nady would also be a far better first base option than Steven Pearce.

Of course, I'd have bet the ranch that Nady would never have signed anywhere for that kind of money, even in a down economy, because he has the Prince of Darkness for his agent. Then again, Nady is the second Boras client this week (along with Rick Ankiel) who got distinctly underwhelming dollars and years, at least by Boras standards. It's good to see Beelzebub get his comeuppance now and then.

Ron Ieraci said...

I kinda like Nady myself, Will, as a 1B/RF bat. I think, though, that the lefty overload will work itself out, with McCutch and Milledge already on board and Tabata possibly on the way up. I'd be very surprised if both Church and Brandon Moss made the final roster, especially if they're too cheap to dump Ramon Vazquez. That really would be an overload.