Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloggers on the Move

Matt Bandi and Randy Linville's The Pittsburgh Lumber Company and Wilbur Miller's Pirate Player Profiles are both going dark and joining up with Tim Williams' Pirates Prospect site. Green Weenie surfed the three of them religiously, and is looking forward to seeing them all in one place.

It's a lot of good stuff packed into one site, so adjust your bookmarks. Good luck and keep up the great coverage, guys.


WilliamJPellas said...

Interesting news in the Pirates blogosphere. I liked Miller's site better, but The Pittsburgh Lumber Co was a fun blog and I'm a little surprised they're joining forces, being as they would appear at first glance to be on more or less opposite ends of the spectrum. That is, PLC is more of an informed fan blog, where WTM's was definitely more like an industry insider and sabremetrics site.

Ron Ieraci said...

I think Miller's site and Pirate Prospects fit nicely, and probably Tim needed a couple more writers to fill out the blog with more topical stuff, hence TLC. It should make for an interesting site; I already was a fan of the three.