Friday, October 19, 2012

Notes And News

 A little news to keep the baseball fires lit:
  • Tom Singer of wrote that Domincan rookie Starling Marte cited Vladimir Guerrero as the ballplayer he most looks up to.
  • Steve Stevenson of the Steel City Sports Report wrote "The Nationals Show The Pirates How Not To Handle Gerrit Cole."
  • It's a week old bit of speculation, but Jeff Moore of Rant Sports suggests that Nick Swisher might be a fit for the Bucs.
  • Tristan Cockroft of ESPN listed the early fantasy line on top 75 starting pitchers for 2013 and included AJ Burnett (48), James McDonald (60) and Wandy Rodriguez (73) among them.
  • Matt Eddy of Baseball America picked the Top Ten minor league free agent signings of the past season, and three have Pirate connections: Brandon Moss of the As, who thrived in a platoon setting at first base, along with infielders Pedro Ciriaco of the Red Sox and Luis Cruz of the Dodgers, both of whom look like solid bets to claim at least bench, if not starting, spots in 2013.
  • Kristina Kahrl of The Sweet Spot posted "Leyland Uses Every Bullet," showing how he used his NL managerial toolkit to steer the Tigers through the season and to the World Series.
  • Some old Bucs that were waived or are free agents: OF Ryan Ludwick (who is seeking a longer-term deal with the Reds), OF Nate McLouth, RHP Ross Ohlendorf, C Ronnie Paulino, SS Brian Bixler, RHP Kip Wells, RHP Ryota Igarashi, LHP Justin Thomas, LHP Garrett Olson, LHP Dana Eveland, C Carlos Maldonado, C Luke Carlin and C Steve Lerud. Pirate farmhands RHP Evan Meek, LHP Doug Slaten and UT Drew Sutton declared for minor league free agency after the season ended.
  • Hard to believe, but Neal Huntington is the second-longest tenured GM in the NL Central, behind only the Brewers' Doug Melvin, who was hired in 2002.
  • Upcoming signing dates: 12 days after the World Series is the deadline for arbitration; November 30th to tender contracts; the 40-man roster has to be set by December 3rd, and the Rule 5 draft is on December 6th.


WilliamJPellas said...

Some interesting tidbits here, Ron, good job on a slow offseason-for-the-Pirates day. Nick Swisher is an interesting idea and his name as come up in connection with the Pirates in some other corners of cyberspace. I wouldn't give him more than a 4 year contract, but a mild overpay for that length of time might not be a bad idea. Presumably he would see most of his time at first base, which would mean either Sanchez or GI Jones gets dealt. Unless Travis Snider flames out, in which case Swisher would see more time in the OF and either Jones or Sanchez (whichever wasn't traded) would be the more or less regular 1B. Anyway, Swisher is a good veteran who would do a lot for the Pirates just by his presence and his experience, and I think he has enough left to put up another good couple of seasons.

Ron Ieraci said...

Yah, Will, I always thought Swisher was the kinda guy they should go after but who would never come to Pittsburgh.

WilliamJPellas said...

I'm not sure he wouldn't come to Pittsburgh. He has never struck me as the type who bought into the hype of Noo Yawk, or the night life. Now that he's been there, done that, and made a lot of money in the meantime...maybe he might like the challenge of a more "pure" baseball experience, as well as the chance to possibly be part of bringing the Pirates (of all teams) back to the postseason. Seriously: he's been a notable player for the Yankees, but merely one in a galaxy of stars. With the Pirates, if he was able to lead them to the postseason and help them win a playoff series or two (let alone get to the World Series) he would be legendary. There ARE some perks to playing in a smaller market if you win.