Thursday, July 18, 2013

News, Notes, Trade Smoke

  • The Pirates won a Competitive Balance draft pick for next season. After round two, the following teams will get a selection, in this order: the Padres, D-Backs, Cardinals, Rays, Pirates and Mariners.
  • Jim Bowden of ESPN (behind a subscriber wall) adds the Twin's Justin Morneau to the Pirates' list of tires being kicked. 
  • James Krug of thinks the Blue Jays and Pirates are a deal waiting to happen.
  • Jon Heyman of CBS Sports picks his mid season awardees: Cutch gets some love in the MVP race, Clint Hurdle is his manager of the year and Neal Huntington his executive of the far.
  • Jerry Crasnick of ESPN has piece on the Bucs and their main driver, Cutch.
  • Tom Singer of has his mid-season report on the Bucs.
  • Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects looks at the 2013 Bucs and opines "The Pirates don’t need to go all-in this year. This isn’t the only year they will be competitive. They’re built for long-term success."
  • Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs has a chart on the expected strikes vs actual strikes; the Pirates have made far and away the greatest improvement in that area, going from losing 14 strikes/1,000 pitches to gaining seven, a credit to both ends of this year's batteries. 
  • Keith Law of ESPN updated his Top Fifty Prospects list (behind a subscriber wall - Pirates Prospects has the run down). The are, not too surprisingly, Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco and Alen Hansen.
  • Will Carroll of Bleacher Reports looks at TJ surgeries, and found that 1/3 of MLB pitchers have undergone the procedure. Why so many? Plain and simply, overuse of the arm, starting at an early age.


marketdiamond said...

Great read, really enjoy all your hard work finding these links, hopefully the Bucco's can keep this up for 65 more days.

Ron Ieraci said...

MD - I've always been a reader (thank u, mom & dad) so the links are just part of my routine, blog or not. And I sure hope I get to post a few more shiny notes about the 2013 Buccos, both in the news and with some big wins for the history page.