Saturday, February 15, 2014

2/15: The Bad Old Days, Barry Jones, Don Kelly, Russ Martin, Lockout...

The Bad Old Days, Barry Jones, Don Kelly, Russ Martin, Lockout... 
  • 1956 - The Pirates and the Kansas City A's canceled an exhibition game in Birmingham‚ Alabama‚ because of a local ordinance barring black players from playing against white players. 
  • 1963 - RHP Barry Jones was born in Centerville, Indiana. He began his career in Pittsburgh after being selected in the third round of the 1984 draft. From 1986-88, Jones went 6-9-6/3.81 with the Bucs before being traded to the White Sox for Dave LaPoint. 
  • 1980 - IF Don Kelly was born in Butler. Kelly went to Mt Lebanon HS and Point Park College before signing with the Bucs and making his debut in 2007. From 2009 onward, he’s been with the Tigers. He married Carrie Walker in 2007; his brother-in-law is Neil Walker and his father-in-law is former big league pitcher Tom Walker. The Kellys live in Wexford.
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  • 1983 - C Russ Martin was born in East York, Ontario, Canada. Happy 31st B-Day! 
  • 1990 - The owners refused to open spring training camps without a new Basic Agreement with the Players' Association, beginning a lockout that lasted 32 days and delayed the start of the regular season by one week.

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