Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday: Cole Train v James Paxton, Lineup

Tonight: First pitch is at 7:05 with the game carried on Root Sports and 93.7 The Fan. It's also Star Wars night with PNC Park filled with SW critters.May the force be,...ah, ya know. There will also be free Jedi tees for the first 2,000 fans.

Pitchers: Gerrit Cole closes out the wham bam set against lefty James Paxton (3-4, 4.18). Gerrit had a strong outing last time out, his second after getting off the DL, so that's good news as far as his arm (and the rotation) is concerned. Paxton also was strong in his last mound trip after suffering through a rough stretch in July. We'll see if he's turned the corner. He's a fastball (95)/slider power guy who averages a K per frame.

All aboard the Cole Train... (photo Jason Vinlove/USAT)

Lineup:  Jordy SS, Freeser 1B, Cutch CF, Starling LF, JHK 3B, Fran C, S-Rod RF, Josh 2B, Cole Train P. Little bit of a shake 'n' bake lineup against a southpaw as Clint has penciled in all the RH bats. We're not really sure why; Paxton's splits don't show any particular dominance against lefties, tho we're sure Clint has a handful of printouts to justify his batting order.

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