Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Liriano v Peralta, Lineup, Write-Off Time?, Brew-Voo-Doo

Francisco Liriano (0-3, 4.64) takes the mound against Milwaukee's Wily Peralta tonight. (4-2, 2.17). Frankie hasn't been notching W's, but the Pirates have won in the last four starts that he's made. Peralta has become a steady performer for the Brewers, giving them not only performance but innings. The last time they met a moth ago at Miller Park, Peralta come out on top 4-2, lasting seven frames against the Buccos.

The lineup: Travis Snider RF, Neil Walker 2B, Cutch CF, Pedro 3B, Jose Tabata LF, Ike Davis 1B, Jordy Mercer SS, Chris Stewart C and Liriano. Starling Marte is still out with a sore back, and it may be time for them to evaluate how much longer they want to play short-handed. Tony Sanchez is sitting again, and we'd assume that's by manager's decision.

The game starts at 8:10 and will be aired by Root Sports and 93.7 The Fan.

  • Pat Lackey (WHYGAVS) writing for The Outside Corner wonders how soon a team can be written off in the wild-card era, with the Pirates as one of his primo examples.
  • Francisco Liriano has gone 11 starts since picking up his last victory on 9/10/13 at Texas. The Pirates have gone 6-5 in those 11 games.
  • The Brewer voodoo is back. The Bucs are 1-7 against them after running up a 12-7 record against Milwaukee last season.


David said...

I guess technically you can say they are playing short handed but in practice they aren't. I mean yes teams have 25 man roster but the 4 SP not going that day so rarely play that it is essentially 21. With the Pirates rolling with 4 starters (until I guess tomorrow) they really aren't at a disadvantage. They still have a 5 man bench and 7 man bullpen.

Aaron Nelson said...

who is tony perez?

Ron Ieraci said...

It's the quality of players, Dave. You're right that the bench is full strength, and I'm sure a reliever will go down when Wandy come back. So the numbers are OK. At least today there are three OF'ers in the lineup.

Ron Ieraci said...

Aaron, I'm showing my age - for some reason, I typed in a Big Red Machine guy; wishful thinking, lol. Thx; I'll fix it up.