Thursday, June 24, 2010


Let's see...Paul Maholm, Mr. Dependabiltiy, gets rocked. Dana Eveland gets rocked. Zach Duke is on the DL; he'll miss two more starts. Ross Ohlendorf hasn't recaptured his 2009 form. Brad Lincoln is a raw rookie. Jeff Karstens, who didn't make the original 40-man roster, is the only starter beside Maholm to have a sub-5 ERA and has been the team's stopper.

Charlie Morton, Daniel McCutchen, Brian Burres, and Hayden Penn are the cavalry at Indy now that Kevin Hart and Donnie Veal are hors d' combat for 2010.

Geez, Tom Gorzelanny would look good about now.

(EDIT - and they cut Eveland today, after giving up middlin' prospect Ronald Uviedo to Toronto for him. So in effect, they've lost two pitchers. Good job of evaluating, hey?)


WilliamJPellas said...

Guess those "years of club control" with Eveland didn't matter as much as the fact that he couldn't get anybody out. So, yet another Neil Huntington veteran acquisition falls flat on its face. Whoever is doing this team's scouting and evaluation of current major leaguers---if anyone---needs to find another line of work. How many times has this happened???

Ron Ieraci said...

They are apparently clueless so far as pitchers are concerned, Will.

Not only have they not turned up a genuine MLB arm yet for the rotation, but they insist on drafting HS kids when they need guys that can step into the breech.

Well, we'll see. The position players are slowly filtering in, but the pitching is the same ol'.